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Who is Eartha Kitt?

Eartha Kitt was born as Eartha Mae Keith on January 17, 1927 in North, South Carolina. Eartha died on December 25, 2008 at the age of 81.


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What is Eartha Kitt's proudest achievement?

I think the achievement she was most proud of was winning Best Actress in a musical. I think that because she did a lot of things to do with acting. I also think that because she was in a lot of movies. She also made over 7 songs. She was honored with a star on "The Hollywood Walk of Fame".

What is Eartha Kitt's most important contribution to society?

In my opinion, Eartha Kitt’s most important contribution to society is that she is an activist for youth groups. She was also an advocate for LGBTQ which she considered a civil right. She eventually created a youth foundation. Eartha Kitt also gave a speech about being LGBTQ.

What would the community think our school is associated with if it were named after Eartha Kitt?

The community would think that inside the school we would be studying acting. They would also think that we are also studying music and making songs. The community might also think that we are learning about Eartha Kitt while doing the other things. They might think that we are learning to sing in different languages.

If you could meet Eartha Kitt, what would you ask her; how do you think they would respond?

I would ask Eartha Kitt if it was hard to be an actress. I think she would respond by saying, yes, it was hard because I had to remember my role in movies. I would also ask if it was hard being an actress while singing in 10 different languages. I think she would answer yes, because I had to be able to sing and act in movies.

Why should we remember Eartha Kitt?

We should remember her because she fought for the rights of youth groups and LGBTQ. She eventually created a dance and cultural youth foundation called Kittsville Youth Foundation which is still active today.